Hotel Housekeeping Professional Training (Spanish)

Hotel Housekeeping Professional Training (Spanish)

In this certificate course, you will learn the efficient operations to hotel cleaning and housekeeping management. Training includes: room preparation and cleaning, the bed-making process, bathroom cleaning, cart preparation, stocking of linen, minibar cleaning, cleaning of other hotel areas, essential customer service skills, among other topics. This is a complete professional course to train your staff, as well as for individuals who work or plan to work at the Housekeeping Department in the hospitality industry.

$ 110.00
  • - Educational Services:
  • Video: 100 Minutes
  • Interactive Content: 8 Modules
  • Corrected Exercises
  • Exam
  • Course Load: 0 Hours
  • Code: 36392
  • Duration: 30 Days to complete
  • Earn a Professional Certificate

Módulo 1 - El Hotel

Módulo 2 - La Camarera

Módulo 3 - El Cotidiano De La Camarera

Módulo 4 - Materiales de Trabajo

Módulo 5 - Procedimientos de Trabajo

Módulo 6 - Otras Actividades De La Camarera

Módulo 7 - Situaciones Diversas En El Hospedaje

Módulo 8 - Análisis De La Productividad

The Magnifying Class Certificate is respected and recognized in today's job market.

Upon completion of the online course, the learner will be submitted for a Final Exam. If approved, with an average of 70% or more, the learner can print the Certificate on the Magnifying Class site.

The Certificate issued by the Magnifying Class is valid as a certificate of qualification or professional qualification, according to the hours described above, and cannot be used for other purposes.

- Access the course content from anywhere, at anytime.

- Interactive content that includes instructional videos, tables, charts, illustrations, explanatory reviews of the material and a Final Exam.

- The course is easily accessible, just requiring the learner’s login for the Magnifying Class site.

Magnifying Class brings you the best in e-learning education. There are many reasons to do the courses, but let's just highlight a few. Take a look!

Qualified Teachers

Qualified Teachers

- The courses are prepared by highly qualified teachers in their areas.

- The selected teachers have a lot of practical experience in the course subject and guarantee content with the highest quality.

Special Team

Special Team

- Hundreds of skilled and motivated professionals whose mission is to support and collaborate with the teachers, searching for solutions and facilitating learners' learning.

- Editorial Board, composed of highly qualified professionals with the main responsibility of evaluation, introducing improvements and approving the release of courses within a standard that is optimized for learners. The Editorial Board sets the tone for, endorses and maintains the Magnifying Class Courses' uniformity and quality.

- Specialized professionals in several areas, such as pedagogues, production directors, photography directors, video editors, IT professionals, content designers, reviewers and writers working with unbounded confidence that the Magnifying Class online courses spark dreams and create stories.

Courses with Innovative Methodology

Courses with Innovative Methodology

The courses are outstanding because they are objective, practical, and efficient, offering a great amount of information, in a short time.

The course is completely online. It consists of interactive content with videos that shows the procedures, as well as special illustrations, animations and charts.

During the course, at certain times, the learner is invited to watch specific videos that complement the online content.

In each module, there are practice exercises to reinforce the subject matter and at the end of the course, there is an evaluation. When approved, the learner will be entitled to receive a Certificate of Completion for Course, which is essential for the labor market.

- A picture is worth a thousand words. This concept guides the way the courses are designed. Thus, through the videos, the teacher directly instructs the learner. Through the images, the learner is brought into a practical reality that shows examples of procedures, the manufacturing and the production according to the subject. An unbeatable differential!

- Learners can take the course using laptops, cell phones and tablets, anywhere they can connect to the internet.

- The learner can take the course at home, at school, at work, at any time.

- The learner chooses his or her time to study.

Personal information and Transaction Security

Personal Information and Transaction Security

All transactions involving user's information are encrypted, providing complete user protection. The Magnifying Class website is certified by one of the largest information security companies in the world today.

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